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Tell a story, so hiring managers "see beyond your resume". 

It is crucial to get your story straight.   Ascension Careers collaborates with you, so you are comfortable and confident telling your story.  

The Complete Narrative 

Are you looking for your career's "throughline"?  Are you struggling to recognize and articulate your strengths?  If you need to create a cohesive and succinct story, The Complete Narrative is the package for you.  This package's goals are for you to comfortably and fluidly "pitch" yourself - informal and formal networking, group interviews, 1-1 job interviews, meet 'n greets, etc.  Fee: $445

Part I

  • 60-minute discovery session to capture career highlights, professional experiences and narrative concerns

  • Session takeaways:

    • 1-3 career hallmarks identified

    • Talking points to underscore your skills

    • Language to address career hurdles  

    • Guidance on story structure and delivery

Part II​

  • 60-minute session focuses on practicing telling your story out loud

  • Session takeaways:

    • Well-crafted "Tell me about yourself"/"Walk me through your resume" response

    • Concise elevator pitch

    • Ideas for developing interview stories

Interview Prep & Support

Can you be modest while boasting about past successes?  How do you completely yet concisely answer interview questions?  Are you getting the interviews, but not getting the offers?  If any of this sounds familiar,  go for the Interview Prep & Support package.   Fee: $395

Part I 

60 minute mock interview (includes 20 minutes of feedback)

Part II

60 minute mock interview (includes 20 minutes of feedback)

Each additional 45 minute mock interview, fee: $120

Note:  75% of fees are due prior to Part I.  25% of fees are due prior to Part II.  All fees are due at least 24 hours prior to an appointment.

Services Offered:

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